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Rifleman Martin Jon Lamb, 1st Battalion, The Rifles

June 5, 2018


Remembering the Fallen:  on this day in 2011, Rifleman Martin Jon Lamb, 1st Battalion, The Rifles, was killed in Afghanistan when an IED exploded as he was on patrol in the Haji Kareen area of the Nahr-e Saraj district. He had deployed to Afghanistan two months earlier as a member of ‘A’ Company, Reconnaissance Platoon. 

Rifleman Lamb had joined the Army in 2003, and won an award for his exceptional physical fitness on completion of the Combat Infantryman’s Course.  He had deployed to Afghanistan once before, excelling as a Rifleman, then he passed the All Arms Commando Course before deploying to Iraq where he served with distinction.  He is remembered for his commitment, zeal and courage.

Lieutenant Colonel James de Labilliére said:  “Rifleman Lamb was one of my very best; talented, capable and naturally gifted as a most professional soldier. As a reconnaissance operator he had made it to the elite of the elite within the Battalion. And he occupied a very special place in 1 RIFLES as one of our Army Commandos.  He and his patrol had made some extraordinary gains against a most resilient insurgency. His own personal contribution, courage and sacrifice will be forever remembered as the price paid for this significant success.  But ‘Lamby’ will also be remembered for his energy, zeal and commitment – he was a man with many friends and others naturally gravitated to him. He was one of life’s real characters, and he was due to be promoted soon.  Rifleman Lamb now steps up to take a unique place in our regimental history. His name joins a list of those from whom we all draw on for both inspiration and courage.  Swift and Bold: You will never be forgotten.”

Martin, from Gloucester, was 27 years old and married with a daughter.




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December 11, 2018

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