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  • Robin Horsfall

The stupid queue is one we all might have joined when we were young.

Questions about the case of the young woman who wants to return to the UK after being married to an ISIL terrorist draws us all into a debate that draws out the worst in all of us.

Whether she returns depends on only one question, Is she legally entitled to come home? The general public does not have a say in this, it will be decided by the courts.

The media has drawn millions into a debate that encourages hateful, racist comments from the least thoughtful in society.

I do not envy this young woman. If she does return to the UK her life will be miserable, she will be hounded by stupid and evil people who feel encouraged by 'media led public opinion', she might have her child removed by the social services. The press will hunt her down like a frightened rabbit - all in the name of 'public interest'.

She was a kid who did dumb things. Some dumb kids sell drugs, take drugs, carry knives, rob shops or join gangs. This one got on a plane and went to hell and back after being indoctrinated by a religious extremist organisation.

This is primarily a question of law. However, when members of the public are encouraged by the media to advocate death, exile and imprisonment for acts of stupidity perhaps it is a queue we might all have joined when we were young.

I have not offered my opinion about whether she should return or not. On that subject my opinion is irrelevant!

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