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  • Robin Horsfall

Brexit - Hard and Fast.

Matthew 7:15. 'Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.'

This lesson stands even more true today. We are constantly bombarded with prophecies by politicians and the media. They tell us what horrors will happen if we don't accept their agenda. I have seen predictions of the darkest doom if we leave the EU without a deal. What we fail to buy and sell someone else fails to buy and sell. In a lose- lose situation it is in everyone's interest to get on with business.

It is a good idea to have trade agreements sorted out before a change is made but to suggest that Francois and Gunter will not be able to sell us their potatoes and cheese is reaching an awful lot.

Moving a HQ from one country to another is not the same as moving a factory and a skilled workforce. Whatever happens in March we will still have a dynamic, well educated population with goods to sell and money to buy goods. Trade will continue. That is my prophecy but one that doesn't rely upon fear to be accepted.

If troops are being readied it can only be to defeat a threat that may come from extremists who might try to take advantage of the changes. Our troops are not for the suppression of the people but for the defeat of our enemies.

While the people we elected try to sort things out it would be better if we all focused on what has happened not what might happen. Our government has spent two years being reasonable and it hasn't really worked. We should get out fast and hard and then make it work. Contingency plans are sensible but whatever the outcome we will march on as the United Kingdom, hard working, difficult, pugnacious, essentially British and we will succeed.

Robin Horsfall

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