• Christina Drummond

Sergeant Stuart Gray, Private Paul Lowe and Private Scott McArdle of 1st Battalion, The Black Watch

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2004, Sergeant Stuart Gray, Private Paul Lowe and Private Scott McArdle of 1st Battalion, The Black Watch, died in Iraq in a suicide car-bomb attack on a vehicle checkpoint in an area east of the Euphrates. Eight other soldiers were wounded, and also killed was their Iraqi interpreter (his name was not released for security reasons), a good friend to the soldiers and who was to have been married that day. Sergeant Gray had served in the army for twelve years. He was described by his commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel James Cowan, as a sergeant of great experience in the mortar platoon, an experienced professional soldier. Stuart, from Dunfermline, was 31 years old and married with two children. Private Lowe’s brother, eighteen at the time and also serving, said that Private Lowe loved his job, didn’t really think about the dangers as he kept his chin up and got on with it. He had been in the army for three years and had also served in Germany. He is remembered as a keen and admirable young man who had wanted to join the army since the age of seven, and comrades described him as brave, resolute and determined. Paul, from Fife, was 19 years old. Private McArdle had been in the army for six years and was a rifleman in the elite reconnaissance platoon. He had been inspired by his uncles and followed them into the Black Watch. He is remembered as a quiet young man but with a mischievous streak, and also for his courage and commitment to his regiment. Scott, from Glenrothes, was 22 years old and engaged to be married with a baby on the way.

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