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  • Christina Drummond

Sergeant Andrew James Jones, the Royal Corps of Engineers

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2010, Sergeant Andrew James Jones, the Royal Corps of Engineers, was killed in Afghanistan, during a vehicle-mounted ground domination patrol in the Bolan district of Lashkar Gah. He was serving as part of 1st Troop, Fondouk Squadron, The Queen’s Royal Lancers.

Sergeant Jones had completed basic training and the Royal Engineers Combat Engineering Course in 1998. He later served in Kosovo with 31 Armoured Engineer Squadron, 32 Engineer Regiment, and deployed to Afghanistan early in 2010. His colleagues remember his sharp wit, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and his passion for Welsh rugby. He was noted for having high standards, which he expected of others, and was meticulous with first-class skills. Sergeant Jones considered his colleagues to be his second family. He was looking forward to getting home soon to be with his first family, his wife and children.

Captain Will Pope said: “I first met Sergeant Jones when I began the role of Squadron Second-in-Command back in September last year. The formation of a new squadron in the midst of build-up training for Afghanistan was a particularly hectic time for all of us, but Sergeant Jones had an admirable ability of being able to take absolutely anything I threw at him in his stride. He had the respect and admiration of all those under his command and rapidly earned the trust of all those in the chain of command above him. His appearance at the office door and his soft Welsh accent would inevitably be there to inform me of an impending possible drama which he had already sorted and implemented a plan to resolve, or some brilliant method in which to improve the training on offer to the boys in the squadron. I valued his opinion highly. Here in Afghanistan, he continued on exactly the same, highly impressive path. A broad grin never far from breaking out, he got involved in everything he could and seemed totally unflappable. Sergeant Jones was a great man, he was an incredible ambassador for the Royal Engineers who he represented brilliantly.”

Andrew, from Newport, South Wales, was 35 years old and married with three children.

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