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  • Christina Drummond

Sergeant Barry Weston, Kilo Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines

Remembering the Fallen: on 30th August, 2011, Sergeant Barry Weston, Kilo Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines, was killed by an IED while leading a patrol operating near the village of Sukmanda, Helmand province - the patrol's purpose was to draw insurgents away from the civilian population.

Sergeant Weston joined the Royal Marines in 1991, and served in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Iraq. He distinguished himself as a Reconnaissance Operator, Platoon Weapons Instructor and Recruit Troop Sergeant, and is remembered by comrades as a gentle giant with a big heart and an unmistakeable infectious laugh. He was a true family man, proud to talk about his wife and children and produce photographs - and to give sage advice to new fathers. He inspired much respect and affection from his men.

Major Jase Durup said: “Sergeant Baz Weston joined the ‘Black Knights’ of Kilo Company under extremely challenging circumstances in May 2011. I have no doubt that an individual of lower calibre would have faltered but he took the situation in his confident stride and it was not long before the men of Checkpoint Saqra came to rely on him as a father figure. He led his men with the patience and devotion required to endure life in a checkpoint and with the tenacity and aggression required to successfully prosecute operations against the enemy. They followed him repeatedly into Sukmanda, the most hostile and violent area in Kilo Company’s area of operations. It was during one such occasion that Baz made the ultimate sacrifice whilst securing an extraction route out of the contested area for another patrol. His loss will be felt deeply amongst his friends across the Corps, of which there are many, and throughout the company. But it will only serve to strengthen our resolve so that it is not in vain. Once a ‘Black Knight’ always a ‘Black Knight’.”

Barry, from Reading, was 40 years old and married with three small daughters.

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