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  • Christina Drummond

Warrant Officer Class 2 Sean Upton, 5th Regiment, the Royal Artillery

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2009, Warrant Officer Class 2 Sean Upton, 5th Regiment, the Royal Artillery, was killed in Afghanistan as a result of an explosion whilst conducting a foot patrol in Sangin district, Helmand province.

He was serving as Second-in-Command of Sangin’s Police Mentoring Team. A career Royal Artillery weapon locator specialising in radar systems, he served operationally in Iraq, Northern Ireland, Cyprus and Bosnia, and previously in Afghanistan. He is remembered as a natural leader, thoroughly professional, self-effacing and generous.

Lieutenant Ffreuer Whitaker said: "WO2 Sean Upton was everything a Sergeant Major should be; a role model to his subordinates, a firm friend to his peers, and a source of advice and guidance to the junior officers. WO2 Upton embodied loyalty. He genuinely cared for the well-being of the soldiers and took a personal interest in ensuring they were trained to the highest standard possible, while always presenting a robust, no nonsense front. He was a steadfast friend to many within the battery and wider regiment and could be relied upon, not least professionally, for frank advice, a cup of tea and a chat, or putting the world to rights over a beer. WO2 Upton vested himself wholly in everything and will be missed tremendously in many ways."

Sean, from Nottinghamshire, was 35 years old and married with two young children.

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