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  • Christina Drummond

Lieutenant David Hugh Russell Tinker, Royal Navy

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 1982, Lieutenant David Hugh Russell Tinker, Royal Navy, was killed in action during the Falklands War when HMS Glamorgan was hit by an Exocet missile. The missile had been fired from a truck by an Argentine Navy team in Stanley. A Royal Navy supply officer, appointed as Captain's secretary, Lieutenant Tinker had been on duty as flight deck officer at the time, and was one of thirteen sailors killed in that attack.

He had served as coxswain in the naval section of the Combined Cadet Force of Mill Hill School in North London; when he completed training at Dartmouth he attended Birmingham University.

His father, the writer and university professor Hugh Tinker, produced “A Message from the Falklands: The Life and Gallant Death of David Tinker” – a compilation of several of his son’s letters and poems. Excerpts appeared in the Sunday Times and were then published by Penguin as well as being adapted into a stage play. The poems have been compared to those written by the Great War poet Wilfred Owen.

David, from Shropshire, was 25 years old and married.

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