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  • Christina Drummond

Captain Jim Philippson, 7 Parachute Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2006, Captain Jim Philippson, 7 Parachute Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery, was killed in Afghanistan when his mobile patrol was engaged in a firefight against Taliban forces. Two other soldiers were seriously injured but thankfully recovered.

Captain Philippson joined the army in 2001, and was commissioned into the Royal Artillery later that year.

He took the Young Officers’ course, and was selected for a posting to 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery. He was noted for his enthusiasm, physical stamina and fierce professionalism. He served in Iraq and the Falklands, and joined the 7 Para Regiment as it prepared for deployment to Afghanistan in February of 2006. Captain Philippson is remembered for many outstanding qualities which won him respect and loyalty from his solders and his peers: his style of command, maturity, humour, confident yet self-effacing manner, leadership and integrity.

Lieutenant Colonel David Hammond, his Commanding Officer, said of him: “Jim was a top quality officer in the best traditions of the Regiment and the British Army. Those around him were influenced not only by his commitment, passion and drive but also his enthusiasm and ready wit. A gifted commander, he had the self-confidence of an assured professional yet was also modest and willing to learn. All of this earned him the respect of all those he touched. The commitment he showed to his task in Afghanistan and every challenge he undertook was an inspiration. He was a rising star in every sense who had a huge amount to offer. He is a tremendous loss.”

Jim, from St. Albans in Hertfordshire, was 29 years old.

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