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  • Christina Drummond

Lance Bombardier Mark Chandler, 3rd Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2010, Lance Bombardier Mark Chandler, 3rd Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery, was killed in Afghanistan in a small arms fire engagement with insurgent forces in Helmand province.

He had joined the Army in 2004, and served in Iraq as part of the Commanding Officer’s Rover Group. Recognized as professional and conscientious, on his return he was given the position of his Commanding Officer’s driver. He is remembered as being motivated, committed, and a true professional.

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Squier said of him: “Every team needs a Mark Chandler. He was strong, fit, robust and, above all, a man of compassion and humility. He was a rock to his mates. For D Battery he was a source of great resolve and he leaves a hole in many of the lads’ hearts.

As a soldier and member of a Fire Support Team I could not have asked for more. He was brave, dependable and a steadying influence. Utterly calm under fire, he died on the shoulder of, and supporting, his commander; totally selfless to the very end.”

Mark, from Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, was 32 years old.

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