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  • Christina Drummond

Private Adam Morris and Private Joseva Lewaicei, 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2006, Private Adam Morris and Private Joseva Lewaicei, 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, died when a roadside bomb detonated in Basra City, Iraq,

Private Morris had joined the army when he was seventeen and served as a rifleman during a two-year roulement tour in Northern Ireland. He was noted early on as having great potential, and he impressed everyone with his intelligence, professionalism and abilities – and he passed out as best student on a tactics and leadership course.

Lieutenant Colonel Des O’Driscoll said: “Adam joined the battalion in Northern Ireland and rapidly made his mark as an energetic and thoroughly professional young soldier. He undoubtedly had a bright future ahead of him. Although Private Morris had only been with ‘The Poachers’ for just under two years, he was one of our most promising young soldiers and had a fine career ahead of him. Always one of the keenest and most attentive soldiers in the Company he stood out from many of his peers. At times teased for his military knowledge, he had an inquiring mind and a desire to learn. He was well-liked and respected by all the company for his resolve. He had suffered a leg injury late in 2005 but fought his way back to fitness, determined that he must deploy on operations in Iraq alongside his many friends. Always ‘Army barmy’ he even found a camouflage cover for the cast on his leg. Adam’s loss has touched and saddened all of us who had the honour to know him.” Adam, from Leicester, was 19 years old.

Private Lewaicei joined the army in 2002 and served in Northern Ireland, Iraq, and on a previous tour of Afghanistan. People remember him for many attributes: he is described as being reliable, strong, efficient, professional, humorous, immensely popular, and protective of his colleagues, someone they could turn to for help. Another soldier who was dyslexic relied on Private Lewaicei for help in writing home to his girlfriend.

Lieutenant Colonel Des O’Driscoll said: “Private Lewaicei was a valued and well-regarded member of C Company and was known as a fun loving and exuberant character. He was a keen sportsman and had represented the Battalion in both Rugby and Boxing. He was an exceptional rugby full back regularly impressing those who saw him play, and was once offered a professional contract. Immensely strong, his colleagues will remember with some glee the day he was finally beaten in an arm wrestle by their platoon sergeant, although he always maintained he let him win. Our sympathy goes out to his family at this terrible time; we are deeply saddened at his tragic loss.” Joseva, from Fiji, was 25 and left behind a young daughter.

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