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  • Robin Horsfall

British men are cowards!

British Men are Cowards!

British men are cowards. They carry knives and guns because they are cowards. If they fight without weapons, it is as gangs or against those they already know they can defeat. They do this because they have no standards, no honour and no self-respect. They despise themselves because they are weak and pathetic. They compensate with vicious cruelty against anything that threatens to expose the truth. They would rather commit murder than allow their peers to know that they are cowards despite the fact that their peers are the same. They comfort themselves with reassuring sounds and gestures of support; each one is a weak, frail, strut attempting to hold up a fragile wall of deceit. They are sullen, rude and violent and hate authority. They demand respect but confuse respect with fear. They have no respect, not from others and not for themselves.

British men beat up girls because they do not have the ability to beat up men; they beat up children because they have no courage.

British men kill other British men with knives because they cannot fight, because they are weak and because they hope no one will discover how gutless they are.

British men beat up or throw acid at women because women see right through them. Women see sick little boys who need to be comforted by mummy.

Your knife or gun is a comfort blanket. It makes you feel powerful. When you sneer you sneer at yourself, when you are cruel you destroy yourself, when you murder you destroy your soul and when you destroy your soul you are dead. Dead to life, dead to the human race, dead in every way possible except that you breath - a cruel, lonely, useless, empty wretch. You blame your parents, your teachers, your disadvantages. You blame everything except yourself. No one is fooled by your posturing, we know what you are.

When you die, you will die alone. No one will care for you, no one will hold your hand and no one will mourn. If you die young’ they will say ‘goodbye to bad rubbish’ and if you die old, your kids (if they know you) will say that you were - ‘a shit’. Your peers will steal your stash.

You don’t care? I think you do.

A lot of British men are not cowards. Some young British men do have courage - they don’t carry knives, guns or acid, they don’t beat up women and they don’t fight in packs.

©Robin Horsfall 2018.

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