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  • Christina Drummond

Gunner Thomas Harold Burton, C Company, 178th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 1918, Gunner Thomas Harold Burton, C Company, 178th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. died of wounds received four days earlier during fighting resisting the German assault.

In 1914 he had been working as a farm merchant’s assistant, then volunteered for service at the outbreak of the Great War, being posted to the Western Front in June of 1916. His battery was deployed and saw action near Cambrai in 1917, and on the 21st of March, 1918, he was severely wounded which led to his death four days later.

His parents sent his photograph to the Imperial War Museum with a letter, part of which read: “During his leave home in November 1917 he marked on our Daily Mail map many places where he had stayed being 7 months during the time at Nœux-les-Mines. He had several narrow escapes during the falling back from Cambrai in October of 1917. Returning to France on 6th March, and after a short rest, his battery went forward and came into action during the great German push, commencing on 21st March 1918, and whilst acting as Runner, his left leg was shattered and he would have been left behind to fall into the hands of the enemy, who were advancing rapidly, had not 2 of his comrades volunteered to fetch him at great risk. But owing to shock and loss, he succumbed on the morning of the 25th March and was buried in a British Cemetery at Bac du Sud, SSW of Arras, his comrades making a special cross for him. Such is the brief history of our son - one of the best of God Fearing Sons a Father and Mother could have. Our loss is irreparable and he was our only son. Such is the Supreme Price we are compelled to pay for this Terrible War.”

Thomas, from Nottingham, was 22 years old.

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