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  • Robin Horsfall

Cometh the moment cometh the woman?

This week will define Theresa May. Cometh the moment cometh the woman?

A year ago I stood outside the Houses of Parliament and told her 'We need a Churchill not a Chamberlain'. So far I have been disappointed. Today is the real test the test of her leadership. We will discover whether she has the courage to stand up to tyranny. We shall see if the desire to avoid conflict will override her duty to defend our nation from foreign aggression. If she fails now she fails forever, for her - there can be no going back.

It is time for the world to stop the advance of evil once again. Chamberlain appeased Hitler and world war was the result. 'When the going gets tough ...'

Mrs May must unite our allies and slam the door shut on Russian trade and commerce. No visas, no bank transactions, no property deals, no stock holdings and no assets. Bankruptcy is a viable threat that is achievable.

Now we will truly discover who we have as a leader Mrs May or Mrs Maybe?

(c) Robin Horsfall 2018

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