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  • Christina Drummond

Lance Corporal Darren Hicks, 1st Battalion, The Coldstream Guards

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2010, Lance Corporal Darren Hicks from 1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards, was killed in an explosion while on patrol in the Babaji district of central Helmand province.

He enlisted in the army in 1999, served in Northern Ireland and Iraq as well as a previous tour in Afghanistan. He successfully completed Parachute Regiment Centralised Course before being promoted to Lance Corporal, qualified as a Saxon driver managing his platoon fleet of Saxons, excelled in jungle training, and also successfully completed the Skill at Arms phase of the Section Commanders’ Battle Course prior to returning to Afghanistan. He is remembered as a selfless leader, well-liked and respected, dedicated and professional.

Colour Sergeant Paul McHugh said: "I have known Daz since he joined our battalion. During this time we have shared many experiences together, from the rugby pitches to the fields of Afghanistan. He was an inspirational young man, incredibly charismatic, who endeared himself to all ranks. He was a solid, dependable NCO who was an inspiration to the young Guardsmen. He was respected by his peers for his unwavering professionalism, loyalty and fierce pride of his regiment. Daz never shied away from responsibility, always leading from the front, ensuring the safety of his comrades. This was most evident in October last year when Daz pushed forward following an IED strike, and, showing his characteristic selfless commitment, gave immediate treatment to a wounded comrade, undoubtedly saving his life."

Darren, from Mousehole in Cornwall, was 29 years old and married with two children.

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