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  • Robin Horsfall

A Poem For Paratroopers.

Robin Horsfall will be speaking at the Don Memorial Bar Stockton on Tees 24th March 2018.

A poem for paratroopers.

Loki’s Jest

Cruel Loki’s jest was Freyja’s pain

She cast him out on Folkvangr

Born with bastards curse was lain

No father, brother would he shield.

Smote he against all friendly word

And render all about him blighted

To be alone in world of hurt

All love of gods and men he slighted

Sad Odin launched his Valkyrie

To raise a man whose eyes might see

They soared across the thunderous sky

Skellee, skelleee, skelleeee, skreeeee!

They burned his soul and shaped his bones

Beat his sinews rent his hide

Cast his heart with heated stones

Taught him winged horse to ride

When Thor did call his warriors forth

With hammer raised to strike his foe

And ride across the rainbow bridge

With beating drums their hate to sow

Was Loki’s son no longer jest

Remembered Freyja’s hate and pain

At Thor’s right hand did prove the best

And Odin’s foes did all lay slain.

© Robin Horsfall 2018

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