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  • Christina Drummond

Corporal Liam Riley, 3rd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2010 Corporal Liam Riley, from 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, was killed in Afghanistan. He was serving as part of the Coldstream Guards Battle Group, and died in an IED blast near Malgir, which lies between Babaji and Gereshk.

He had joined the army in 2005, completed the Section Commanders’ Battle Course in 2009 and was promoted to Corporal later that year; he had volunteered at short notice to serve in Afghanistan. He is remembered as “a strapping lad” who personified all the very best qualities of a Yorkshire soldier: brave, tough, honest and proud.

Major Nick McKenzie said: “Corporal Riley was outstanding during our training prior to his deployment as a battle casualty replacement in late December last year. He was one of the best soldiers I have ever met, who clearly had a bright future ahead of him. As a thoroughly professional soldier he eagerly awaited an opportunity to deploy on operations and immediately grasped the chance when it arose. Since his deployment he has thrived on operations in Babaji, able to quickly understand the complexities of the local environs. He was comfortable in command and showed excellent leadership when under pressure. Terrier-like in his approach to his work, he was professional through and through and always led by example. He was a very popular member of the company, who was never far from the centre of platoon repartee; a young leader who achieved much in a short space of time.”

Liam, from Sheffield, was 21 years old.

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