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  • Christina Drummond

Captain Daniel Read, 11 EOD Regiment, Royal Logistics Corps

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2010, Captain Daniel Read from 11 EOD Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps, part of the Counter-IED Task Force, was killed in an IED blast in Afghanistan.

He had joined the Corps of Royal Engineers as a Sapper, served on Op Fingal in 2002 when he deployed as a Search Team Second-in-Command, and knew then that the only job for him was as an ATO – on his return he applied successfully for a commission in the Royal Logistic Corps. He then completed the All Arms Commando Course and deployed to Afghanistan again in 2006. The following year he passed the high threat operator course and immediately began the pre-deployment training for Op HERRICK 11. Captain Read attended 21 tasks in Afghanistan, and had already dealt with 32 IEDs. He was known to be passionate about his role as a High Threat Improvised Explosive Device Disposal Operator, and is remembered for his boundless enthusiasm and energy for the tasks he undertook.

His C.O. said of him: "Dan Read was filled with a zest for life, and I found him instantly likeable when I first met him. He epitomised the values of selfless commitment, loyalty and deep-seated courage. Such was his professionalism and determination that even an injury sustained in a bomb blast in 2009 could not keep him away for more than two months and he returned to theatre as soon as his injuries were healed. Despite the inherent dangers, Dan was determined to return to Afghanistan; he had a job to finish and a team to rejoin."

Daniel, from Kent, was 31 years old and married.

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