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A Heart-Warming New Years Message From Lyn Rigby & The Lee Rigby Foundation

With 2018 almost upon us, it's a time we all look back at the year we are leaving behind and the good and the bad that was 2017.

For me personally, its been a year of huge change for me and family, moving from our old house in Middleton to a new home in Staffordshire at the heart of the Lee Rigby Foundation.

It's brought about incredible change for me personally and professionally with my work at Lee Rigby House.

I have found some peace after more than four years of grieving Lee and it's working to help others through the foundation that has brought me comfort.

Lee Rigby House was opened in October and I can't wait to start meeting the families and veterans who will come to stay with us for a break away this new year.

It's this focus that keeps me going in memory of my beautiful son Lee.

It will be an action packed year ahead with lots of fund raising, the start of phase 2 of the charity plan and most importantly keeping the house full of deserving families who need our help the most.

Please get in touch if you would like to recommend families or individuals for a stay at Lee Rigby House. Or if there are struggling veterans you think we could help, let us know. We are here to help where we can.

It's been a long and difficult journey since we lost Lee but we have been blessed to have met so many amazing people who have helped and supported us.

I also owe a huge debt to my own family, my husband Ian and my 4 daughters who have helped pull me through the worst years of my life.

I hope that 2018 brings my loving family and all our dear friends and supporters peace and happiness. For those who are struggling or hurting, I wish you comfort and compassion and a lifeline at Lee Rigby House when life gets too much to bear.

I hope that our troops stationed here and around the world remain safe and as ever our eternal gratitude for your service and to those veterans who served before you.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us and tonight I will raise a glass to you all and to my darling son Lee until such time I am with him once again.

Happy New Year everyone.

Much love Lyn xxx

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