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  • Robin Horsfall


'Someone should do something' said the sheep. 'Someone should speak up'. 'BAA, BAA,BAA.'

Eventually bothered by the constant noise one of the sheep resisted. He refused to obey the dog and left the flock. 'No I won't go' he shouted 'This is wrong, we are all just walking around in circles until the shepherd comes and takes us away to be processed. I'm not going!'

'BAA,BAA, BAA' went the sheep 'Now we're for it, we won't get fed today and it's all his fault. BAA, BAA BAA.' The shepherd came later that day with three dogs and rounded up the protester and put him in the truck to be processed.

'I knew he would come to no good' they said 'he meant well but it's best just to keep your head down and say nothing. BAA, BAA, BAA!' 'Someone should do something' said one of the sheep.

(C) Robin Horsfall

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