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  • Robin Horsfall

Time for veterans to return to the Streets.

The political elite previously known as the Government have lost their legitimacy. They no longer represent the wishes of the majority of British people, they no longer understand how the majority of people feel. The political elite are aloof, they look down on those less fortunate and genuinely think that they are well qualified to decide what is in our best interests. Like a farmer herding his animals.

The political elite cannot recruit enough soldiers to maintain an army. They cannot understand that to have armed forces the armed forces and the public must support the government. The armed forces does not support the government. Our people do not support a government that betrays the armed forces.

If a foreign power wanted to undermine the moral and quality of the British Armed Forces they couldn't have done a better job than all the governments of the past twenty years. The military has been reduced to a hollow (part time) force. The numbers that currently serve could not defend London in a conventional war against a power that has compulsory national service.

The repeated rhetoric about respecting and supporting our armed forces is drivel and lies. When Dennis Hutchings is denied trial by a jury of his peers then it is clear that soldiers are a class of people who have been denied their legal rights under common law. The government, the lawyers and the criminals who promote the prosecution of former soldiers are all a part of the said political elite.

If we are to prevent such injustices we must return to the streets. We must organise and we must apply leverage where it can make the most difference, with votes. Votes effect the balance of power, votes remove MP's from parliament. The political elite in Westminster need our votes and our support. Throwing insults on facebook changes nothing. Votes change everything.

Next year we must campaign again, We must march, and write and vote again and again until the law makers become the law changers and soldiers become equal citizens not 'the scum of the earth!'.

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