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Veterans to have special ID cards as part of new 'Government Monitoring Plans'

BIG BROTHER BRITAIN - Veterans of the armed forces may have their driving licences and GP records marked to show they have served in the military, a defence minister has said.

Conservative MP for Bournemouth, Tobias Ellwood, said the idea is part of a Government plan to improve information it keeps about ex-military personnel.

His comments formed part of his response to defence questions in the Commons from Labour MP for Ogmore, Chris Elmore.

Mr Elmore asked ministers what they thought about plans to ask people if they had served in the military as part of the next census.

Mr Ellwood said: "I would be delighted to say that I'm very much supportive of this.

"The more information that we have and understanding who our veterans are, and whether it be through a veterans ID card, or whether it be through, as we're looking at now with the Secretary of State, on changing the driving licence so that there is a symbol on there to show that you're a veteran, or indeed on GP records as well.

"This is all supportive of the veterans and that's the direction of travel that we should go."


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