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  • Christina Drummond

Guardsman Stephen Ferguson, 1st Battalion, The Scots Guards

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2007, Guardsman Stephen Ferguson, 1st Battalion Scots Guards, died in Selly Oak Hospital. The previous day he had been driving a Warrior Armoured Vehicle on a routine patrol north east of the Contingency Operating Base near Basra City when his vehicle slid into a canal. Although rescued and returned to the UK for treatment, his wounds were grievous and he could not be saved. He is remembered as being hardworking, loyal, quick-witted, and immensely proud at being a Scots Guard.

Major Robert Howieson said: “The tragic death of Stephen Ferguson has touched us all deeply, and the Company feels a profound sense of sadness at his loss. Stephen was aware that there were risks implicit in what he was doing, but he faced them implacably and with courage. That bravery is absolutely typical of Stephen. As long as I have known him he has given without thought and asked for nothing in return. Stephen was one of the most popular soldiers in his Company. He had a wry and infectious sense of humour, which no privation could take from him. I will always remember his approach to applying camouflage cream on exercise; each day would see him with a new cam cream moustache, from Groucho through to handlebar! Stephen’s popularity was underscored with a quiet competence which made him an invaluable member of the Company team. He had experience in many of the infantry disciplines across the Battalion, and was selfless in helping his colleagues through the application of that experience. Stephen’s courage was and remains an inspiration to us all. His selfless commitment to his friends was deeply humbling.”

Stephen, from Lanarkshire, was 31 years old.

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