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SAS Hero Robin Horsfall has a Message to all those who served in Northern Ireland

Robin Horsfall has said there is a suggestion that all historical shootings in NI will be investigated again - And has urged veterans to exercise their right to remain silent

"A message to all those who served in Northern Ireland"

"There is a suggestion that all historical shootings in NI will be investigated again."

"If someone asks you to be interviewed concerning shootings of enemy insurgents during your service remain silent. Do not be confused by claims of wishing to 'get to the truth' do not be confused by claims that 'this is not a witch hunt'."

"The only reason anyone is questioning you is to appease those who threaten violence. In other words to keep the lid on the PIRA and to make money for lawyers whose aims are mercenary."

"Anything you say will be used against you or your comrades whether or not you or they did anything wrong. Remain silent, this is your right! Refuse to co-operate, put the phone down and close the front door."

"Remember these people may be friendly but they are not your friends. You do not have to give a reason for not speaking, you cannot be punished for not speaking. If you feel pressured then complain to your MP."

"It isn't that any of us did anything wrong except kill the criminals who were trying to kill us but in law it isn't about what you do, it's about what you say. You can be tricked into an admission of guilt! They will suggest that silence means that you have something to hide. It does not!"

"Don't help these officials,(whoever they may be) stay silent. If you need help then contact your old comrades and ask them to be at your home if or when these people arrive and send them packing. In this case 'Silence is golden'."

"If you feel that out of politeness you have to say something then simply repeat 'I can't answer that question'."

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