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  • Christina Drummond

Guardsman Christopher Davies, 1st Battalion, The Irish Guards

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2010, Guardsman Christopher Davies, 1st Battalion, Irish Guards, serving with Combined Force Nahr-e Saraj, was killed in Afghanistan. He was taking part in a security patrol conducting a partnered operation with the Afghan National Army to the east of Patrol Base Hazrat, when he was hit by small arms fire. At the inquest, forensic examination of his body armour showed that the bullet passed through a gap in the armour at his armpit. Guardsman Davies had enlisted in 2008, and it was noted that he was carving out a successful career – he would volunteer for jobs and never complain, whether he was working that day as a Jackal driver, Light Machine Gun gunner or simply completing mundane or sometimes unpopular tasks. He is described as selfless, loyal, stoic and dependable to the end, a young man with an invincible personality and the ability to cheer anyone up no matter what. Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Ghika said: “Guardsman Davies had been in the Micks for less than two years, but in a short space of time he forged a legendary reputation. Quiet and unassuming by nature, he had a deep military talent which shone out from his first day. He took time and care to be the perfect soldier: he was always punctual, well prepared, smart and thoughtful. As the tempo of our pre-deployment training and subsequent operations quickened, the strength of the man shone through. Uncomplaining no matter how challenging the circumstances; determined to surmount difficulty; focussed on doing his best and achieving his mission, but most of all he strove to be a comrade and loyal supporter to those in his platoon, company and battalion. It was his decency and integrity which won him the admiration of all. Courteous, genuine, caring and a friend to all, he was one of the characters on whom the bedrock of life in the Irish Guards is founded.” Christopher, from St. Helen’s, Merseyside, was 22 years old and left behind a young daughter.

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