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Petition - Stop the cuts to the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy's amphibious assault ships

This 13,000+ strong petition started by Luke Pollard calls on the Government to stop cuts to Devonport-based HMS Albion & HMS Bulwark, but it will need 100,000 signatures before it's debated in Parliament.

​There has been recent media speculation that the Government is considering scrapping the Royal Navy's entire amphibious assault capabilities and planning a cut of 1,000 Royal Marines.

We want these cuts stopped!

The BBC reported in October that two specialist landing ships - HMS Albion and Bulwark - would be taken out of service under the proposals.The plan - part of a package of cost-cutting measures - has caused alarm among senior Royal Marine officers.The MoD told the BBC that no decisions have been made yet and that discussion of options was "pure speculation".

It is understood the head of the Royal Navy, Admiral Sir Philip Jones, formulated the move as part of a package designed to balance the books and free up sailors for the service's two new aircraft carriers.Critics say the proposal would deprive the Royal Marines of its core mission.Among other cuts envisaged are a reduction of 1,000 to the strength of the Royal Marines and the early retirement of two mine-hunting vessels and one survey vessel.

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