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Colonel Richard Kemp & Brian Wood MC explain why you should NEVER buy a white poppy on Good Morn

They have slammed the white poppy as left wing political symbol designed to indoctrinate people

Former Commanding Officer Colonel Richard Kemp who was broadcasting live from Washington on Good Morning Britain said:

"The red poppy is a commemoration of all of those people who made the ultimate sacrifice in war, who gave everything for their country."

"They not only serve only to commemorate in November, but they also raise funds for the families of war dead who have made that ultimate sacrifice and for soldiers who were wounded in battle."

"The white poppy on the other hand is a left wing political symbol which is designed to indoctrinate people into anti war theory"

"The funds raised from the white poppy don't go to help anybody except for the organisers of the white poppy campaign"

"Effectively they are an insult to the war dead and they deprive people who really need it of charitable funds"

Symon Hill from the Peace Pledge Union attempted to defend the white poppy, he said "The white poppy is a symbol of remembrance for all victims of war including Armed Forces, civilians and people of all nationalities"

Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Shepherd asked him "So when you say all victims of war, do you mean victims for example that might be from ISIS?"

At this point Symon Hill from the Peace Pledge Union stumbled and repeated:

"The white poppy represents all people who have been hurt and killed in war"

He was also accused of funding a left wing political campaign with the proceeds of white poppy sales.

Military Cross recipient Brian Wood was also on hand to challenge Mr Hill and said:

"If the Peace Pledge Union want to spread their message, they should do it in a different month."

"In my opinion it's sabotaging the red poppy, why we are talking about putting the white poppy in schools?"

"Why are we even having this discussion?

You can watch the full video of the heated debate below:

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