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Justice For Northern Ireland Veterans Protest Against Jeremy Corbyn's Visit to North Devon

Members of the group 'Justice For Northern Ireland Veterans' erected banners and placards ahead of Mr Corbyn's scheduled appearance in Barnstaple tonight.

Armed forces veterans protesting ahead of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's appearance in North Devon this evening have claimed the left-wing politician is a "danger to national security" and is an "enemy of the people".

In an interview today co-founder of Justice For Northern Ireland Veterans Alan Barry said:

"Jeremy Corbyn supported the IRA in their war of terror. He claims now in interviews that he was trying to negotiate peace, he was never trying to negotiate peace."

"MI5 actually opened a file on Jeremy Corbyn and that's on public record, because of his close links with the Irish Republican Army."

"He also held a one minutes silence in the houses of parliament along with John McDonnell and certain other left wing members of the Labour party after the death of an IRA terrorist".

"Mr Corbyn has always made it very clear that he supports the Irish Republican Army and a united Ireland, so therefore he is against everything this country stands for in terms of fighting Irish terrorism.

We want to make sure that the young people who Jeremy Corbyn is trying to attract know about his past, it's very important that people do not forget the links that this man had to Irish terrorism and the sympathy he held towards those terrorists.

It's very important that the young people of today know about this."

Jeremy Corbyn openly supported IRA terrorism along with other marxist members of the Labour party."

"We want to make sure that young people know that this man is a danger to our national security"

Jeremy Corbyn snubbed Armed Forces Day to grandstand at Glastonbury earlier this year

Local organiser for the demonstration, Vern Tilbury from Barnstaple, said: "As veterans of Northern Ireland, we are demonstrating against Jeremy Corbyn due to his support for the IRA while British Soldiers were being killed out there.

"I served in 1978/79 and 1982, so I'm holding this demo to show what a traitor he is to this country."

You can watch the full interview below:

Justice For Northern Ireland Veterans next demonstration will be held in London on the 3rd Feb 2018


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