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'Veterans Against Terrorism' release new powerful promo video ahead of Edinburgh protest on

The video starts with a clip making reference to the Governments 'Run Hide and Tell' advice to anyone caught in a terrorist attack replacing it with- 'Stand, Fight and Protect'.

The video [seen below] highlights the alarming rise in Islamic jihadist attacks across the UK this year including:

  • The attack at Westminster that claimed 5 people on the 22nd March including policeman and Veteran Keith Palmer.

  • The Manchester bombing on the 22nd May at a pop concert that claimed 22, including the youngest victim at just eight years old, Saffie Rose Roussos.

  • The London bridge incident on June 3rd - the 3 Islamic jihadists that went on a stabbing rampage killing 8 and injuring others.

The narrator talks about how the events inspired Veterans Against Terrorism to form as a movement, and how they responded to these attacks with demonstrations in Manchester and London respectively.

The video also highlights the veterans groups alliance with the FLA (Football Lads Alliance) and how they united together to protest against Islamic extremism on 7th October bringing London to a complete standstill (seen below)

An estimated 70,000 turned out in London to oppose Islamic terror and extremism- this spectacle was largely ignored by all the main stream media outlets such as the BBC, who instead chose to report that evening about 50,000 pro Spain protesters gathered in Madrid!

The video then explains that Veterans Against Terrorism and the FLA have been invited to march by the Scottish Veteran groups, and on the 25th November they will march peacefully and respectfully through the streets of Edinburgh forming up at 10am in the city centre.

The video narrator concludes with, "If you love your country and you want to peacefully bring about the end of Islamic terror and extremism, please join us"

"Our march is a march for freedom. Freedom from terror, freedom from intimidation, freedom of speech and freedom of religion."

"Please join us on November the 25th at 10am." You can watch the video below-

Follow Veterans Against Terrorism on Facebook:

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