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  • Christina Drummond

Sergeant Chris Hickey, 1st Battalion, The Coldstream Guards

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2005, Sergeant Chris Hickey of the 1st Battalion the Coldstream Guards, died in Iraq, He had been on a late-night patrol in Basra city, going on ahead of his men to check for signs of an ambush, when he was severely injured by an IED and did not survive the journey to hospital. After leaving school he had a series of jobs and then he surprised his friends by joining up, saying he wanted to find his own place in the world. His C.O. paid this tribute: "Chris joined the Coldstream Guards in 1993 where he immediately made his mark as a capable and reliable individual. He was to maintain this impression throughout his service as he promoted through the ranks, always displaying great commitment and efficiency in everything he did. It is significant that at the time of his death he was, as ever, leading his men from the front. A bright future in the Army beckoned and he would undoubtedly have gone far in the profession that he had chosen and that he loved. He was the epitome of a professional soldier. He was a fun-loving and warm hearted character who always displayed an irrepressible cheerfulness; however bad things were Chris could always raise a smile. He had a certain spark that brought out the best in people and this, coupled with his infectious sense of humour, could be relied on to lighten any situation. To him things were always good." Chris, from East Brierley, was 30 years old and married.

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