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  • Robin Horsfall

Automatic Fire!

I'm frustrated by the misleading information about automatic weapons in the USA.

Converting a semi-automatic weapon to auto doesn't increase the lethal aspects of a weapon, in fact in many ways it reduces them. The weapon fires off the ammunition too quickly and the accuracy is diminished to a level where the shooter cannot shoot accurately.

It could be argued that the Las Vegas shooter would have killed more people if he had been firing individual shots instead of spraying a crowd. However, that is just a distraction. American politicians are massaging or misleading public opinion by pretending to blame automatic fire capability. This in turn misleads the public into thinking that they (the senators) are doing something about mass killers with guns in the USA.

Guns are made to kill. Removing the guns reduces the ability to kill. Some 'concerned citizens' will argue that banning guns doesn't stop people from killing and to a degree they would be correct. However, in Britain we can't go to the local shop and buy enough guns and ammo to start a war. If selling guns to the public is a legitimate business then on the same premise we could justify opening explosives shops.

Watch the drivel on CNN and Sky and look for Senators speaking with forked tongue. They appease the NRA, confuse the public and sell the people of the USA down the river.

If the USA can't ban guns they could tax them out of existence. Tax the manufacturers, tax the ammo, tax the retailers and increase licensing to a punitive level. Don't hold your breath it won't happen, money talks and bullshit baffles brains.

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