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‘It was a POUND SHOP bomb’: SAS hero slams ‘spineless’ response to amateur ISIS attack

The special forces veteran warned Britain is in a cycle of “attack, talk and carry on” after four jihadi attacks in 2017.

Big Phil, now a security consultant, slammed the political response to the attack as “lily livered” and “spineless” on Twitter.

However, he said the UK is lucky the device was “crude” and the terrorists "haven't had the belly” to strike again.

ISIS have claimed the bombing on the London Underground at Parsons Green after a device injured 30 people on the Tube.

Cops are now racing against time to find the culprit and any accomplices – today making their first arrest in the case at Dover

Big Phil said: “This is a problem that is not going away, this problem is here and it needs sorting out.”

He added “we need for the ante to be upped and then continued” as he called for action to bust any suspected terror rings in Britain.

The SAS hero praised the response of the security forces and called on MPs to give cops “manpower and equipment they need, and throw some money at this”.

Terrorist seemingly constructed their device out of fairy lights, a Lidl bag, and a bucket before leaving it on the District Line train.

It was allegedly filled with jihadi’s “signature” explosive TATP, known as the “Mother of Satan” – but failed to detonate properly, leaving victims with burns.

Big Phil said: “The device they used was very crude, which says to me they can’t get hold of the stuff that they want.

“That was a proper pound-shop effort to be honest, it wasn’t a very good device at all.”

He said politicians keep “running away” from threat of terror when speaking on Sky News.

Campion added Brits need “more confidence in the system” to keep them safe, as he encouraged people to “stand up to terror”.

The veteran previously told Daily Star Online that ISIS consider the UK an “easy target” for terror attacks.

Today, the Met Police announced an 18-year-old man has been arrested by Kent Police in the port area of Dover in connection with the bombing.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said that the arrest was “significant” but the investigation is ongoing.

Prime Minister Theresa May upped Britain’s terror threat level to critical yesterday night amid fears of other attacks.

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