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Bugler / Trumpeter Bobby Crick Supporting Military Charities

Bobby Crick thought he'd seen the last of his bugle after putting it down over 30 years ago.

That was until he attended a reunion weekend held by the JLRRA (Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Artillery) at a hotel in Coventry around 4 years ago and bumped into his old trumpet major Eddie Cooper.

Bobby originally started playing the bugle in the army cadets, then he was thrust into the junior leaders band at Bramcote in 1979 where he learned all the calls and marches.

He then joined the Royal Artillery 39th Regiment and only ever played again for the occasional mess dinner.

But now Bobby is back playing again, offering his services to those who are organising events like memorial services, reunions, laments, dinners etc.

He has preformed at many battlefield cemeteries including Tyne Cot most recently, as well as suspended animation ceremonies.

Bobby said "it is both an honor and a privilege to serve and give back to those who serve and have served in some small way"

Bob only asks that his travel expenses are covered, and a donation to a military charity is made.

We at 'British Armed Forces The Best' applaud Bob for his selfless hard work and steadfast dedication.

You can follow Bobby Crick on Facebook >HERE< or on his Twitter account >HERE<

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