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  • Christina Drummond

Captain David Martyn Jones, 1st Battalion The Queen's Lancashire Regiment

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2003, Captain David Martyn Jones of 1st Battalion The Queen's Lancashire Regiment, was killed in a bomb attack on a military ambulance in Basrah. He had joined the Army in 1991, as a soldier in the Royal Army Medical Corps; began officer training at Sandhurst in 1998 and was commissioned into the Royal Artillery. In 2001 he volunteered to accompany 1st Battalion The Queen’s Lancashire Regiment, on a 6-month operational tour in Northern Ireland, and in January of 2003, he volunteered to deploy to the Gulf on Operation Telic, serving as a civil-military liaison officer. He is remembered as courageous, warm-hearted and very popular; these words are from the MoD tribute: “Captain Jones was a professional, enthusiastic and out-going officer who cared deeply about the soldiers he commanded and always looked to learn new skills to improve his ability as an infantry officer. He thoroughly enjoyed soldiering and was a willing volunteer for courses and operational deployments. He possessed a superb sense of humour, which endeared him to his fellow officers and soldiers.” David, from Louth in Lincolnshire, was 29 years old and married.

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