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Limited Edition Signed Prints Available From Jacqueline Hurley's War Poppy Collection

Jacqueline started painting the War Poppy Collection in 2014. Her first work, ‘We Remember, We Fight On’ was painted as a tribute to her friend Royal Marine Neil Dunstan, who tragically lost his life in an IED explosion whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2008.

Jacqueline’s military poppy prints have been well received by an international audience, and have very quickly proved extremely popular; she is now widely regarded as the country’s foremost Remembrance Artist.

Jacqueline paints in both expressionism and impressionism styles. Her original works are painted impasto in acrylic, using texture to create mood and depth, with red remembrance poppies juxtaposed against gritty impressionistic landscapes. Her paintings feature silhouettes which help her audience connect with the works in a more personal, emotional and sentimental way; encouraging the people she paints for to relate to the subjective nature of the paintings.

“The paintings flow from my heart onto the canvas. Although my scenes depict war, I try to bring an element and sense of peace to my work; this being what we all hope for and what lives have been sacrificed for.

“My paintings are highly textured and include a lot of layers, and what’s hidden is equally as important as what is visible. This represents the mind and the long term suffering that war often inflicts.”

In both 2015 and 2016 Jacqueline was invited by the Royal British Legion to exhibit the War Poppy Collection at The Royal Albert Hall for the Festival of Remembrance.

The following year forty-one of her remembrance paintings were exhibited at the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire, from March – July 2017, where they were in the company of no less than His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cambridge, who visited the Arboretum to open the wonderful new Remembrance Centre there.

Jacqueline has been a guest on British Forces Broadcasting Services (BFBS) Radio to speak about her work, and her images have also featured in a number of publications. They have been used as cover images for magazines such as Army&You, the magazine of the Army Families Federation, and a two-page interview with Jacqueline appeared in the March 2017 issue of the Veterans’ magazine, The Sandbag Times.

Jacqueline approached British Armed Forces The Best in July and very kindly donated 3 signed prints on behalf of and in support of our ongoing media projects.

Other larger limited edition signed pieces like these retail at £295 each, but these 3 are not available to purchase anywhere else as they are signed open editions (zettamatt 350gsm) which actually makes them much more rare and collectible.

'Hearts And Minds' from the recent conflicts edition, 'Home For Christmas' 1939- 1945 and 'Remember And Reflect' from the 1914-1918 edition are now on sale in our shop for just £70 each inclusive of free recorded delivery to anywhere in the United Kingdom. Payments are safe & secure via Pay-Pal.

For more information about these items please email:

"Our committee would like to thank Jacqueline for her generous donation. It's people like Jacqueline that keep the brave and gallant actions of our nation's servicemen and women alive. The support she provides for military charities and also the Veterans community in general, speaks volumes and is a testament to her character. We urge all our viewers

to support this poignant and wonderful artist at"



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