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Member Of British Military Arrested In Connection With Road Traffic Accident Death Of Cpl John Ferna

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that another soldier has been arrested in connection with the death of Corporal John Fernandez

The British soldier was knocked down and killed near Dhekelia Garrison in Cyprus.

Corporal John Fernandez, from 2nd Batallion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (2PWRR), was struck by a vehicle on a coast road close to the garrison at around 8.30 on Saturday evening.

In a statement British Forces Cyprus said:

“British Forces Cyprus can confirm that a member of the British military has been arrested in connection to the road traffic incident on July 29 which resulted in the death of Corporal John Fernandez.

A thorough investigation is now underway and it would be inappropriate to comment any further at this time.”

Flowers and candles now mark the spot where Cpl Fernandez died.

Lieutenant Colonel James Skelton, Commanding Officer, 2PWRR, paid a glowing tribute to him.

“Cpl Fernandez was the finest of men and a true Tiger. He stood out from his peers as an exemplary Infantry soldier, a leader and a servant to his soldiers.

“His recent actions in response to a criminal explosive attack at a Sovereign Base Area Police Station in Dhekelia led to his nomination for a Commander British Forces Commendation, an accolade which Cpl Fernandez took with huge humility.

“His example of fitness, courage and personal discipline stand as a marker as to what we, as Infantrymen can all aspire to be.

“More importantly he was a great friend to so many in the Battalion who sought the friendship of a kind, funny and genuinely good man. His loss is keenly felt by each and every one of us.

“Along with his family and friends, the Tigers mourn his loss, but at the same time we must celebrate his memory and follow his example in life.”

The Ministry of Defence says the Cpl Fernandez's family has been informed.

Dhekelia Garrison is home to Second Battalion The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment who leave Cyprus next month after three years on the island.

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