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  • Marion Rogers

Standing up to Terrorism


Robert Gray (Chairman of British Armed Forces ‘The Best’)

joins Chelsea Football lads and others

The Mainstream media has done a very good job over the years of blackening the name of any individual or group who dares to speak out against uncontrolled mass immigration or the effects it has had in the UK, largely fueled by the left and their Marxist agenda. This has ultimately meant that the British have been forced into silence with the tolerant being forced to tolerate the intolerant.

Getting ready to march lead by two pipers from Blackwatch London

Marching against terrorism or any form of extremism peacefully is good for two reasons, one it shows the government that the people are fed up with policies that have failed to keep us safe and two, it shows the terrorists that we are not afraid. Terrorists only carry out acts of terror because they believe it will scare people into bowing down to their agenda, don’t show fear and they will not succeed. That is why we should all have zero tolerance for terrorists, no negotiation and no backing down to their demands. This is a democratic and free country and no one will force us in to submission, NO ONE!

The recent union we have seen of veterans and football lads standing together with other members of the community to come out and stand against terrorism publicly is fantastic. Veterans fought for our freedom already and they didn’t stop to see what race or religion people were before they risked their lives to save others. Football lads are made up of many races and religions and have historical feuds that many thought would stop them coming together but they were wrong because we are ALL united in our hate against terrorism. Any person or group that tries to label people who march against it as ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘bigoted’ or anything else is therefore pathetic. It is very simple, if you are against terrorism you support us, if you don’t then you must be a terrorist appeaser and are therefore part of the problem. Seeing veterans lead these marches can only be encouraging for others to join them not only because of the respect they have but also because people can see they should not be afraid.

Look at the pictures and footage of this peaceful march. Do you see anyone with a mask? Do you see anyone being disrespectful to the Police? Do you see anyone smashing up public property? Do you see anyone wearing a freaky costume to make a point? Do you see people letting of smoke bombs and throwing things? NO, all you see is British people that want a quiet life but feel let down by government policies that have sold us down the river and they are standing up and saying no more, enough is enough. This is in stark comparison to demonstrations we have seen from the left and far left which cause nothing but chaos on the streets whenever they try and force their beliefs down our throats. The decent British public have woken up and they can see clearly who the real fascists and bigots are.

The time for sitting back because of political correctness has gone, we must all stand up to terrorists, the terrorists that have been allowed to infiltrate our villages, towns and cities due to poor decisions made by self-serving politicians only interested in votes. Don’t sit back and think that others can do this for you, if you care about your country and your children’s future you can’t afford to ignore the problems we have.

I put it to you that we should actually be openly intolerant and we should be quite happy to say that we are intolerant and do so publicly without fear of what the politically correct left will label us.

We should be:Intolerant of rapists, and we should be proud of that.Intolerant of ideological fundamentalists (people willing to murder for their ideas i.e. terrorists), and we should be proud of that.Intolerant of murderers, and we should be proud of that.Intolerant of those who condone the above in the name of ‘infinite tolerance’, and we should be proud of that.Intolerant of pedophiles, and we should be proud of that.

We SHOULD be happy to be intolerant………and we should be proud of that, so stop sitting back and start standing up. Join the next march against terrorism and stand with veterans and football lads who are reminding the world what the British are made of and showing them we are tolerant until you push us too far and then you will be reminded of why we won two world wars.

There are two coming up in London ....

Saturday 5 August - Veterans Against Terrorism starts at Parliament Square 10 am

Saturday 7 October - Football Lads Alliance (keep watching the page for further details)

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