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  • Christina Drummond

Senior Aircraftman Kinikki Griffiths, R.A.F. Regiment

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2010, Senior Aircraftman Kinikki "Griff" Griffiths, from the RAF Regiment, died in Afghanistan. He was serving as part of the Camp Bastion Force Protection Wing, and had been conducting a patrol when it was noticed that the Jackal patrol vehicle had developed a fuel leak - SAC Griffiths was underneath the vehicle attempting repairs when it rolled on to him due to faulty brakes. He had joined the RAF the previous year as a gunner in the Regiment, and on completion of training and passing out as Best Shot he was posted to Number 1 Squadron. He is remembered as a naturally quiet character, an immensely strong and resourceful gunner who always got stuck in to any task and was an utterly dependable member of his flight and squadron. SAC Griffiths planned to complete his tour in Afghanistan, and on returning to the UK was intending to complete pre-parachute selection training with a view to eventually serving with the UK Special Forces. Squadron Leader David Crook paid this tribute: “SAC Kinikki Griffiths was a young gunner with huge potential. He loved his job, took pride in his work, and gave his all to every task he was given. I could not want for a better gunner. But more importantly, Kinikki was an affable, modest and thoughtful young man, who was a pleasure to know, and whom I had the privilege to command. He will be missed by all on 1 Squadron. Per Ardua." Kinikki, from Exmouth, was 20 years old.

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