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  • Christina Drummond

Captain Ben Babington-Browne, 22 Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2009, Captain Ben Babington-Browne from 22 Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers, died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. He had been working in the ISAF Headquarters of Regional Command (South) and was visiting FOB Mescall as part of an ISAF team to undertake an engineering survey of the Romanian FOB. He had previously served in Iraq, and had also been selected to run the Regimental JNCO’s Cadre, a testing course which trains and prepares Sappers for promotion to Lance Corporal. Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Noble said: “Captain Babington-Browne was an outstanding officer who had an extremely bright future in the British Army. Everyone in 22 Engineer Regiment is shocked and saddened beyond measure by his tragic death in Afghanistan. It is hard to accept that such a shining light has gone from this world. I have rarely met a man who was so widely liked and respected in a regiment. On meeting him when I joined 22 Engineer Regiment, Ben immediately impressed me as a man of genuine purpose and penetrating intellect. His humility and selflessness were palpable; he carried his rank lightly and the British Army officers’ creed of ‘Serve to Lead’ could have been written for him. He combined these qualities with a warmth, zest for life and sense of fun which could not help but lighten any mood. Above all else, his commitment to his soldiers was total and they knew it. It is typical of him that he would volunteer for service in Afghanistan after he had finished his time as a Troop Commander in 22 Engineer Regiment. I had no doubt at all that he would distinguish himself wherever he served.” Ben, from Maidstone, was 27 years old.

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