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British soldiers to be forced to hoist rainbow flag

Christian servicemen and women could be forced to endorse the LGBT agenda this month as part of an initiative by the British Army.

To coincide with Pride Week, an annual celebration of LGBT rights, “all army establishments” will be required to raise the rainbow flag – an army campaign video said.

The Christian Institute has learned that army personnel who refuse to do so risk being disciplined.


One soldier told the Institute of his concern that Christians and others in his unit will be forced to go against their conscience.

He said: “I personally think that a regimental flag pole is no place for a political statement.

“No member of the armed forces should be forced to endorse a political campaign.”


He noted that on his base, the rainbow flag will replace the regimental standard, a distinctive flag which is unique to each unit of the British Army.

He added: “The regimental flag has been flown daily since the regiment was formed.

“To replace it is a great dishonour to all who have served – and died – under it in the past.”


The video on the British Army’s Twitter account states that the decision to raise the LGBT flag to is “about promoting diversity and inclusion across the British Army”.

The Christian Institute has contacted the Army’s Press Office but it is yet to respond.

Last year, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson gave the go-ahead for foreign embassies to fly LGBT flags, in a change of position from his predecessor.

The rainbow flag can now be flown overseas on specific days, including the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.

Previously only the flags of the United Kingdom, its overseas territories and the EU flag were to be displayed.

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