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“I'm Dennis Hutchings” Justice For NI Veterans

20th April 1651 Oliver Cromwell patience snapped and he marched into parliament with troops and dissolved it. We will not take your witch hunt . Veterans will no longer allow politicians to sell us out for appeasement at all costs to the very enemies we fought on the streets of Northern Ireland.

Saturday 16th September Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans will deliver a message to Parliament that will leave them under no doubt about the depth of feeling held within the Veteran Community.

It is time that the Politicians understood that we are no longer willing to see the persecution of our Brothers who went to Northern Ireland to stand between two waring factions only to be sold out 40 years later.

The time for speeches is over the time for law abiding action is upon us, when asked who you are your answer is:

"I am Dennis Hutchings"

When the veteran next to you stands up, he is also Dennis Hutchings.

Saturday 16th September we want 5000 Dennis Hutchings on the streets of London.

You can follow Justice For Northern Ireland Veterans here-

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