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#Chennai6 Email Your Local MP

Hello everyone. It is good to see more and more support and posts for the six veterans, who are still locked up in the infamous Chennai jail. These men where working for an American company and providing a legitimate service of anti piracy in the Indian Ocean. I want to reiterate their names for us all to remember as we go about our daily lives.

These soldiers have served 74 years for Queen and Country and a distinguished 74 years at that, serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and have been shot at and blown up by IED’s by the very forces they are being accused of helping, they are, Nick Dunn, from Ashington, Northumberland, is jailed alongside John Armstrong, 29, of Wigton, Cumbria, Ray Tindall, 41, of Chester, Nicholas Simpson, 46, of Catterick, North Yorks, Paul Towers, 52, of Pocklington, East Yorks and Billy Irving, 35, of Oban, Scotland I now ask if you would do the following small thing to help make a real political push, and hopefully raise more of a political awareness, because the British Government just asking India politely for a release date no matter how many times has not worked so far. This is what we at “British Forces the Best” ask you to do, use the link below to petition your political representatives direct and ask them to raise the issue at PM’s questions and to speak directly to the Indian Embassy themselves as Ministers for the release of the brave men serving above, tell them that they still represent these men even whilst locked up in India.

My request to my MP is below so please copy or use as required, it took me just 5 minutes from scratch, go on it feels good to help someone. Also below is an e-mail I sent to the President of the United States. Thank you all and have a great day.

Dear Liz McInnes, I would like you to raise the issue and incarceration of the Chennai 6 at the next PM's question time or any time sooner if at all possible. I would like you to also petition the Indian Ambassador to try and get the release of these innocent men as soon as possible, failing this the people of Britain need to see some of the evidence of why these men are incarcerated and if falling short of our standards then positive action must ensue to gain their release. These men are not your constituents but I am and I am horrified that the British political elite of whatever persuasion has so far been seen as limp in this matter.

Yours sincerely, Michael Anslow

Dear Mr President I would like to congratulate you on your Presidency so far and what you are doing for the American people. My email is in regard to 6 British ex serving men who are incarcerated in a Chennai jail in India, they are falsely accused of arming terrorists. They were working for an American Company called "AdvanFort" in anti piracy operations in the Indian Ocean, this company walked away from the case and left these veterans to rot pennyless and won't comment or pay the salaries to these men's families, I do not know the reasoning but it seems unfair and callous in the least. Mr President there are a very large number of the British public who desperately want to see these innocent men released and it seems beyond the British Government at present. I thank you for any help you could bring to bare to ease the suffering of these men their families and for taking the time to read my email.

Yours faithfully, Michael Anslow

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