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  • Christina Drummond

Sub-Lieutenant Charles Edward Francis Milvain, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 1915, Sub-Lieutenant Charles Edward Francis Milvain, Hawke Battalion, Royal Naval Division, died in Alexandria of wounds received six days earlier at Gallipoli. He had attended university in London, and worked as a solicitor in Newcastle until February of 1915. He then e had attnobtained a temporary commission in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and, with a strong recommendation from the military instructor, was sent to the Dardanelles. On the 19th of June he is recorded as “gallantly leading his men in an attack on Turkish trenches in Gallipoli Peninsula” - they came under heavy fire and he was seriously wounded. Although taken by hospital ship to the Ras-el-Tin hospital in Alexandria, his injuries proved to be fatal, and he could not be saved. His parents received a letter from a medical officer at the hospital: “Your son was a very brave man and remained so until the end….during the short time he was here everyone was impressed by his courage and strength of character,” and from the chaplain: “Your boy died a hero, a true brave Briton, one who had Britain’s cause at heart, and one who was prepared to die for her, and he did so cheerfully.” He is buried in the Alexandria Military and War Memorial Cemetery. Charles, of North Elswick Hall in Newcastle-on-Tyne, was 31 years old.

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