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  • Christina Drummond

Corporal Sarah Bryant of the Intelligence Corps, Corporal Sean Robert Reeve of the Royal Signals, La

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2008, Corporal Sarah Bryant of the Intelligence Corps, Corporal Sean Robert Reeve of the Royal Signals, Lance Corporal Richard Larkin and Trooper Paul Stout died in Afghanistan. They were killed when the vehicle in which they were travelling was caught in an explosion. Corporal Bryant was serving with the Headquarters of 16 Air Assault Brigade as the Target Audience Analyst. From the gov't site: "Utterly professional, Sarah was tenacious and reliable...highly competent at both combat Intelligence and Security. Her professionalism, exceptional trade knowledge and confidence ensured effective liaison with other units, especially on security inspections and investigations." Sarah was 26 years old and married. Corporal Reeve's family paid this tribute: "A dearly loved son, brother, godparent, uncle, grandson, and friend, who was loving, loyal, honourable, selfless and gentle. A pillar of strength that all could turn to. Sean’s professionalism and determination for all that he did was an inspiration to all that were fortunate to have known him. Taken from us but never forgotten." Sean was 28 years old. Lance Corporal Richard Larkin had been working as a senior nurse at Evesham Community Hospital when he trained to become an SAS medic. His wife reported that he had "huge concerns" about the type of vehicle in which he had been killed, calling them "mobile coffins." She said he spoke out, but to no avail. The Snatch Land Rovers were frequent targets as they were lightly protected, and there had been calls for more armoured vehicles to be deployed to the war zone. Major Sebastian Morley, the commander of Britain’s SAS troops in Afghanistan, resigned, accusing the Government of “gross negligence” over the deaths. Richard was 39 years old, married with twin five-year-old sons and a one-year-old daughter. Trooper Paul Stout's brother said: “I am totally devastated. Not only did I lose my brother but I lost my BEST mate too. I will never forget you, you are a true hero. RIP mate xxx.” He is remembered by family and friends as humorous, inspirational, and always able to bring the best out in people. Paul, from Woolton, was 31 years old and married with two small children.

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