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  • Robin Horsfall

Campaign for Northern Ireland Veterans.

Campaign for Northern Ireland Veterans.

Fighting for Dennis Hutchings and all Northern Ireland Veterans.

There are those who want to fight this campaign according to the rules, they want to operate through members of parliament and the law courts and hope for the best. Good for them that grinding and steady approach might eventually reap rewards.

However, most small bodies succeed because they don’t play according to the rules. The rules are laid down by the people in power and because they are in power they have very little need to change the status-quo.

We are small, we are special forces - wasps, hornets or ants but just like those powerful insects we have numbers, numbers of votes, numbers who can move quickly and numbers who can act independently.

This week a large number of letters have arrived at the office of the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. It will take time and money to respond to them all. You will receive a standard reply. Once you have opened it throw it in the bin, it is trash.

Now for another wasp sting send a complaint about the disgraceful way that the PPSNI are maliciously prosecuting Dennis Hutchings to:


Once again I have attached a sample e-mail for your guidance. They must respond and they must use time and personnel to carry out that task. If there are enough e-mails they will block the system for several days. Simply use 'complaint' in the reference column. Use my words or your own, avoid bad language and avoid too much information. Just make your point.

We must maintain pressure and we must combine our efforts to be successful. Do it now!

Robin Horsfall


Your name

Your Address

Ref: Complaint.

Dear Sir/Madam

I wish to complain about the disgraceful way that the Director of Public Prosecutions has acted against Mr Dennis Hutchings. I believe that Mr Hutchings is being maliciously prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for political reasons.

Every time Mr Hutchings was investigated he was exonerated of any wrong doing. These investigations were conducted by the DPP in or around 1974/75 and the Historical Enquiries Team (H.E.T) of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (P.S.N.I) between 2008 and 2011.

Mr Hutchings recently appeared in court in Newry where the charge of ‘Attempted Murder’ was removed only for the PPSNI to reinstate it. This unwarranted action reinforces my complaint that the prosecution of Dennis Hutchings is malicious and politically motivated.

I would like this complaint to be investigated without delay.

I look forward to your reply

Yours sincerely

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