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  • Michael Anslow

Support #Chennai 6, Indian Embassy protest 16th June.

Hello everyone I want to speak my piece and it's about the #Chennai6, now I have only just become fully aware of the case and I'm still looking at the finer details and facts surrounding it, but as a start this video and breakdown of the legalities is a good place to start.

Firstly these men as I see it were doing a job and this was a dangerous job that benefited both India and the United States company who owned the vessel Yet get nothing but incarceration as a thank you, these ex servicemen were protecting corporate industry and ensuring the world moves on as it should against those that would risk lives and jobs to criminally gain from piracy. I cannot think of a good reason to imprison these men for longer than mere hours to corroborate the facts of the case then release them.

My anger and incredulity is this, we as so called special allies of America should be in a position to ask that the American Government speak to the company involved who seems to have washed its hands of the issue and ask them to rethink, my feelings are that if this company were undertaking genuine legal activities, then they would be covered by insurance or recompense from the Indian Government for a wrongful imprisonment, so to leave contractors to rot in jail seems a cowardly action to say the least.

Again as allies of America could American influence not be brought to bear. Then lets look at the British Government who have financed and backed India financially for Generations, In fact I hear we are giving them another 40 million this year, well I am sorry but I would be sending current serving British fully armed personnel ready to force the release of their once serving brothers and the 40 million would be the bonus to these forces, India would be left in no doubt as to how we feel about serving and ex service personnel. We are to soft as a Nation State these days and I wonder if the British backbone has withered under a terrible patriotic disease called leftwingporosis.

As an example of what I am talking about just think about how the people of Britain had to fight for a simple plaque for Fusileer Lee Rigby, how an SAS sniper Danny Nightingale with an excellent career was imprisoned over a gun possession incident where all the facts never came out in the military court, the case of Sergeant Alex Blackman who again was tried and convicted for doing what many feel was his job and again crucial evidence not taken into account, I hope you see the pattern I see here.

I will end by asking who remembers when Iran took 52 American Embassy staff and civilians hostage in 1979 to 1981, although botched they sent forces to release them and a Russian diplomat also stated at the time, that if they had been Russian hostages and were not release by Monday, then by Tuesday Iran would not exist. This is what we once were as a Nation State, a force to be reckoned with but it seems it now falls to the people of Britain to stiffen the spine and fight for our own against our own limp and lame successive Governments.

Have a good day and stay strong.

Mick Anslow.

* There will be a peaceful protest for the #Chennai6 at the High Commission of India in London U.K. on Friday 16th June.*

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