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  • Robin Horsfall

Campaign for Northern Ireland Veterans.

Fighting for Dennis Hutchings and all Northern Ireland Veterans.

Imagine you have ten drops of water and you throw it in someone’s face. It is unlikely to receive anything more than a blink. Imagine a million drops of water combined and carry out the same action. I want your drop of water to be ten individual letters, sent from you, your wife, your mum, dad, children and anyone else you can get to support us. I would like our letters to become a flood that pours into the office of the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland next Monday.

The intention is two-fold: First I want the depth of public feeling in this matter to be overwhelming, second I want to take the fight back to the Government and become a very painful thorn in their sanctimonious side. Now is the time! If ten thousand letters arrive at one office over two days that office will come to a standstill.

Remember, each letter must genuinely come from the person named and must be addressed and dated. Your letter is to Rt Hon James Brokenshire, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. His office must reply to your letter.

See below a sample letter of my own, you can copy it, add or subtract from it - I strongly suggest that you do just that. Whatever letters you send will be your letters, not mine. I want you to try and send ten letters. Use different types and colours of envelope. Hand write the address on the envelope to The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Stormont House, Belfast. BT4 3SH.

Post them all this week on Friday morning 2nd June by first class post and let’s see what happens on Monday.

If you can’t afford ten stamps then do whatever you can, every drop of water counts.

Fighting for Dennis Hutchings and all Northern Ireland Veterans.

If they won’t listen we will shout louder!!!

Sample letter below.

Your name Your address Date

The Rt Hon James Brokenshire Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Stormont House Belfast BT4 3SH

Dear Mr Brokenshire

I am appalled by the ongoing prosecution of Mr Dennis Hutchings under PPS’s ‘historical investigations’ program.

Mr Hutchings incident in Northern Ireland took place 45 years ago and has been investigated on several occasions since. He was exonerated of any wrong doing every time.

Recently he appeared in court in Armagh where the Judge threw out the charge for attempted murder only for your Director of Public Prosecutions to have this charge reinstated along with the lesser charge of grievous bodily harm.

You have stated that ‘criminal investigations are a matter for the police service of Northern Ireland who act independently of Government and Politicians'. I wish to challenge that statement; you can interfere when the law is shown to be used for malicious purposes. To suggest that a police service can operate without the oversight of the government is frankly ridiculous as it sets the police above the law. For the DPP to repeatedly seek a guilty verdict on individuals who were serving the state and were previously investigated is malicious prosecution and infringes their human rights.

I believe that there is a political motive behind this prosecution that stems from Sinn Fein. This prosecution is morally wrong and is a test case for the future persecution of other former soldiers. This prosecution stems from a desire for revenge and you are duty bound to prevent such an abuse.

I call on you to stop this wicked and evil persecution now. If Mr Dennis Hutchings is found guilty then that verdict will weigh heavily on your shoulders for many years to come.

I look forward to your considered reply

Yours sincerely

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