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  • Christina Drummond

Major Nick Bateson, Royal Corps of Signals

Remembering the Fallen: on this day in 2007, Major Nick Bateson, Royal Corps of Signals, died in Iraq. He was involved in a road traffic accident on the Contingency Operating Base at Basra Air Station, taken to hospital but sadly succumbed to his injuries. He had been serving within the headquarters of Multi-National Division, where his role was to support communications between the UK and British forces in Iraq. Also he had represented the Army in the triathlon and orienteering and competed in swimming, cross country, and cycling at the highest levels of service competition. Lieutenant Colonel Colin McGrory said: “If you mention Nick Bateson to anyone from the Royal Signals of Nick’s vintage, they will immediately picture certain things about him. He always had a great big grin on his face, an eccentric approach to uniform, and wherever he was his workspace would expand gradually as bikes, bits of bike, and running kit started to appear. He was a real character in every way. A hugely fit, active man he was somewhat uncomfortable in a desk environment, but was always professional and whether he enjoyed it or not he got on and did a professional job. A real people person, his wicked sense of humour and willingness to make cups of coffee and toast for his workmates made him a great guy to work near. We were all looking forward to having him back from Iraq in only a few short weeks. It’s often said at times like this what a lovely guy so-and-so was. Nick really was a great guy, a soldier’s officer and a real gentleman.” Nick, from Chislehurst in Kent, was 49 years old and married.

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