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Thousands expected to protest tommorrow in Belfast, Glasgow & London demanding Justice for North

Thousands of Ni Veterans along with supporting members of the public will form up and march on Good Friday simultaneously in Belfast, Glasgow & London at 11am.

The protests have been organised by 'Justice For NI Veterans' In response to the politically motivated prosecutions of retired British soldiers relating to historic cases in Northern Ireland, some from over 40 years ago.

Their website reads: 'No one wants to admit that we fought a vicious war against the IRA on British soil. We now find that politicians are offering those of us who fought terrorism as sacrificial lambs in their goal of appeasement at all cost and those very same gangsters thugs and criminals who slaughtered innocents on a daily basis walk free with letters of comfort and immunity from prosecution'

'It will allow us to show our complete dismay at the betrayal we have face at the hands of our politicians'

The protests are aimed at the Government, although the Belfast demonstration has attracted unwanted attention from dissident republicans who are set to counter-protest.

Alan Barry said "We have done our best to highlight the potential risk to Veterans from Dissident Republicans who are committed to violence but the Parades Commission had chosen to ignore us"

"Lets stay safe and remain dignified , Safety in numbers same as the old days stick together like a Roman Cohort"

For more information you can find their website at

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