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Hyde Park bombing - Campaign to bring IRA terrorist John Downey to court

ANYONE looking at the sickening pictures of the 1982 Hyde Park bombing will feel aggrieved that the culprit has spent the past 35 years living scot-free.

Now imagine being one of the families whose lives were forever changed by that day, and being told that the man who killed or maimed your loved ones will never face a judge.

It’s almost impossible to comprehend.

The Sun has backed a campaign to bring IRA terrorist John Downey before the courts not out of spite or revenge — but because these families deserve to see justice delivered.

Their case is a shameful catalogue of Government incompetence.

First the decision to issue “comfort letters” – get out of jail cards for IRA suspects cooked up in a shabby deal between Tony Blair and Gerry Adams.

Then the way Downey received one of these letters while already under investigation for the bombings. Blair later admitted this was a “catastrophic error”.

And now the denial of legal aid to the victims’ families for their civil case against Downey.

The entire episode beggars belief.

More so given that British veterans are currently being dragged before investigators for their years spent trying to keep the peace in Northern Ireland.

So if you can spare a few pounds, please donate to the campaign.

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